AFL star player for the Greater Western Sydney Giants Toby Greene missed the team’s semi-final against Geelong, his team’s final game of the 2021 season, after he bumped into an umpire when leaving the field in the elimination final game against the Sydney Swans the previous week.
At the disciplinary hearing, Greene was charged with making intentional contact with the Umpire and despite Greene admitting fault in the contact, although not the intention, he was penalized with a three week ban despite the contact being described as “aggressive, demonstrative and disrespectful” by the Tribunal.
The AFL was however seeking a six week ban and appealed the decision claiming the ban was “manifestly inadequate”.
At the recent appeal, the AFL Appeals Board agreed with the AFL and extended Greene’s suspension to a total of six weeks saying that the penalty serves as a warning to all in the game.
The disciplinary arena can be a whole other world for players to the playing field and proper advice should be sought prior to subjecting oneself to the realms of uncertainty that lie there. If you find yourself called upon to front your sports’ tribunal, call us for some advice and representation to support your time of need.
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